YG电子游戏平台, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of Cold Finished High Precision


Complying with the International regulations, our bars are packed in approximately one ton bundles duly wrapped in polethylene, wire strapped and suitably reinforced in bituminized hessian cloth. Additional wire strapping and wooden supports are provided when found necessary. Both ends of each bundle have name tags which give the required details of the quality and quantity of steel in the bundle.


  • In bundles of 500 – 1200 Kgs covered with HDPE
  • In ply wooden boxes of quantity 500 – 1200 kgs with lifting belts
  • wrapped with rust preventive paper for selected grades
  • Bars are collared to protect finish
  • Bars are wrapped in moisture absorbing paper
  • Customized packaging available



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